Tap In Time's roots are found in playing Bach on the Chapman Stick. In fact, Episode 5 was devoted to this topic...it truly is beautiful music that enhances any set list, and playing it is great for the chops. We're all really stoked that Stickist extraordinaire Greg Howard is about to release his book of Bach arrangements, so we pulled him into the (virtual) studio to continue the conversation. Mixed in throughout: discoveries, a Tap In Time first, a confession, and more- it's a good one, don't miss it!

We head to Germany this month, and manage to get Mark and Steffi, aka Cascade, on the line! The globe-trotting Chapman Stick Duo spills the beans on all sorts of stuff, starting with the Cascade origin story and working from there. Join us as we hear about composing for two Sticks, great stories of busking all over the world, living the dream of being full time Stick performers, and more!

We visit the Land Down Under! OK, only virtually, and no koala sightings this time, but it was still a great chat. Join us as we hear about Andy’s busking experience, his decision to branch out into the world of living room concerts and streaming content, and his thoughts on other topics such as composing on Stick, that wonderful tone of his that so many of us want, his choice of instrument, and more. Plus, some interesting busking stories, including a bystander’s mis-identification of Andy's instrument that was a new one to us. 

In Part 1 of this mini-series, we kept things at a somewhat higher level. In this one, as promised, we talk instrument details: configurations, materials, pickups, new, used, components, and more. We couldn’t possibly offer the last word on any specific aspect of purchasing a Stick, but if you’re after potentially helpful insights that might not be readily apparent, have a listen! If nothing else, you just might be slightly entertained. If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, consider checking it out first.

The episode title says it all. Though it shares certain characteristics with other electric stringed instruments, a Stick is truly an instrument like no other. What exactly does that mean? What drives us to want one? What did we learn or experience that we weren't expecting? Join Gene, Rodrigo, and Victor as they lay some philosophical groundwork in preparation for Part 2 of this mini-series, in which instrument and technical details will take center stage.

We spend some time with Master Stickist Bob Culbertson. He tells us what he's been up to lately, talks about the inspiration behind his latest album, Being, and swings away with a great answer to every question we throw at him. We hear a bit about some of his expanded instrument collection, the story of falling into making a living playing music, Saturday Zooming, his new custom Stick, where puppies come from, and more.

This month, we get Glenn Poorman, whose contributions to the Chapman Stick community include teaming with Oz to bring us the Interlochen Stick Seminar, superb musicianship, high quality scored songs which many of us have learned to play, and being a master of looping with a Stick. We get to know Glenn a little better, talk looping, talk musical notation, get the Interlochen origin story, and more. Join us!

This month, we get a glimpse into the world of music gear development, as we're joined by guitarist, audio engineer, and Line6 tech lead Igor Stolarsky. Igor put his music and technical education and experience to great use in playing a big role in the development of the Helix and the HX Stomp, two of the more prolific units used by Chapman Stick players. Join us as he shares knowledge, insights, and advice, borne of an insider's view that can't be found elsewhere. Plus, we hear about his work with the fantastic Video Game Orchestra...come along and join the fun!

What does it take to inspire and produce great audio and video? If you've heard Rodrigo's new album or seen the performance videos he shot for each song, you know that "Rodrigo knows." Claire, Gene, and Victor squeeze him for answers, and he delivers- inspiration, content, setup, recording flow, video, and more. Rod also shares some some great advice for prospective cork farmers in Portugal, and we spill the beans on our upcoming New Year's resolution chat, when we'll crash Bob Culbertson's Saturday morning Zoom call. 

In this episode, we get some of the details on our very own Rodrigo Serrao's highly anticipated 4th studio album- hear all about it from the man himself...it's going to be awesome!  Episode 11 also features Canadian Stickist Rob Gellner.  Rob, a professional Trumpeter and instructor by trade, has quickly become one of Tap In Time's fav players, and he shares thoughts on his new 12-string Chechen Grand, some insights on moving to a new platform within the Chapman Stick family, and advice for those preparing to dive into the deep end with their next new instrument.

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