This month, we get a glimpse into the world of music gear development, as we're joined by guitarist, audio engineer, and Line6 tech lead Igor Stolarsky. Igor put his music and technical education and experience to great use in playing a big role in the development of the Helix and the HX Stomp, two of the more prolific units used by Chapman Stick players. Join us as he shares knowledge, insights, and advice, borne of an insider's view that can't be found elsewhere. Plus, we hear about his work with the fantastic Video Game Orchestra...come along and join the fun!

What does it take to inspire and produce great audio and video? If you've heard Rodrigo's new album or seen the performance videos he shot for each song, you know that "Rodrigo knows." Claire, Gene, and Victor squeeze him for answers, and he delivers- inspiration, content, setup, recording flow, video, and more. Rod also shares some some great advice for prospective cork farmers in Portugal, and we spill the beans on our upcoming New Year's resolution chat, when we'll crash Bob Culbertson's Saturday morning Zoom call. 

In this episode, we get some of the details on our very own Rodrigo Serrao's highly anticipated 4th studio album- hear all about it from the man's going to be awesome!  Episode 11 also features Canadian Stickist Rob Gellner.  Rob, a professional Trumpeter and instructor by trade, has quickly become one of Tap In Time's fav players, and he shares thoughts on his new 12-string Chechen Grand, some insights on moving to a new platform within the Chapman Stick family, and advice for those preparing to dive into the deep end with their next new instrument.

All of the Above

Multi-FX Shootout- Chapman Stick Edition! OK, maybe not quite all that, but we're talking multi-effects pedals in this one, and what our instruments require of such a beast. We talk motivation and our personal experiences with several specific units such as the Fractal Audio Axe-FX, the MOD Duo, the Line 6 HX-Stomp, and a few others. Also: Zooming with Emmett, external influences, how far would you go (literally) to rescue your multi-FX unit from an infinite shipping loop, and more.

Chapman Stick artist Tomas Merlo joins Rodrigo and Victor from his home in Madrid, Spain. Tomas relates the multiple phases of his Stick journey, and shares about some of his approaches to music in general, playing in the Tomas Merlo Group, recording in hotel rooms, and more. Stops along the way include a unique currency for purchasing a Stick, reuniting with a lost (effects unit) love, and other tidbits.

You bought your first Chapman Stick.  Did it stop there?  Maybe.  Or, maybe you replaced it with a different one.  Or maybe you've come to own more than one.  So many roads!  Claire, Gene, Rodrigo, and Victor engage in a rambling, meandering, off the rails conversation about the instruments that have come into their lives and why.  The Recycler, regrets, when Claire knew she was a Stick player, poking fun at one another, and more.

Gene and Claire chat with Chapman Stick artist Kevin Keith.  We learn what Kevin's been up to, get the lowdown on some of his playing and recording secrets, and talk midi, third voice, and technique. Along the way: the L.A. music scene, nerf guns, "they said no...", and more.

This time, we're joined by Vancouver, BC based Chapman Stick player/recording artist/educator Jim Meyer, who puts on the Vancouver Stick Camp. Jim weaves an informing and entertaining tapestry that captures his musical history and approach to playing and composing, and sprinkles advice, tidbits, and encouragement throughout. Plus, fun busking stories, a Surf Lodge fail, "How do you tune that thing?", and more.

Bach and Forth

In previous episodes, we've touched on our admiration for Johann Sebastian Bach. In this episode, we do a little more justice to this great composer: we dive into what it means to learn, play, and perform his music on our instruments, and the joy it brings. Along the way, the fourth member of the Tap In Time crew comes along, we hear about "That Guy" Rob Gellner's Bach Odyssey, we learn that Gene isn't the only one in the analogy game, the harpsichord gets some love (or does it?), and more.

A Dime, a Dozen

It's common to find 10 or 12 strings on Sticks and other tappers, and Gene, Rodrigo, and Victor talk about it.  There's also mention of steroids, intimidation, being Emmett's second biggest fan, vintage (?) Sticks, and other bits sprinkled throughout.  Plus, a listener submission "Stick Minute" breaks in.

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